Online Art Class Options for Homeschoolers

As a homeschool mom, I believe that one of my roles is to help our children discover they're own unique God-given talents and passions and to help nurture them. I love the flexibility that homeschooling provides because it allows us to address weaknesses in our children's education but to focus on their strengths. 

Two of our six children LOVE art. I mean, absolutely love it. While our one child is still young (6 years old) and it's still hard to tell yet where he's going with it, our daughter is 12 and it is quite evident that God has given her both talent AND a passion for it.

Carlee, age 11

For the past 3 years we have utilized Meg Navarro from Megapixels for online art classes for our family. (We've also used her for writing classes but I'll save that for another post.)

Caden, age 5

My six year old son has taken art classes from Meg for about 2 years now and he seriously cannot get enough of them. My child who is so active and always needs to be doing something is the one who absolutely loves his art classes. At the end of this past semester he was so sad it was over and asked me to let Miss Meg know he needed more classes! I'm so proud of him and grateful that we have found an area he is growing in AND is passionate about!

Carlee, age 12

My 12 year old daughter has been with Meg for 3 years and she also absolutely loves art. Meg has been a tremendous blessing, source of encouragement and truly a catalyst for helping our daughter excel in the area of art. Our daughter isn't showing any signs of slowing down in her art and, in fact, is even more in love with art now than she was when she started. 

Carlee, age 11

Meg has had such a positive impression on several of my kids in the area of art that they put art supplies on their Christmas and Birthday lists. If they happen to get an Amazon gift card they are more than likely to spend it on more art supplies.

Caden, age 6

From a mom's perspective, what I love best about the classes is the flexibility. I of course appreciate how much Meg has encouraged and equipped our children in the world of art but she makes it SO easy for the kids to be independent learners for their art classes.

Carlee, age 12
(At The Little French Market you can get pictures and writing printed onto material!)

Meg is mindful that homeschool families are generally 100% responsible for funding their own curriculum and of course any supplies that are necessary so she does a great job keeping the supply list costs down and has helped us find the best prices on the supplies that we do need. To take her drawing classes you truly only need paper, pencil and access to the internet. If you want to do watercolor classes like my kids have also done, you'll need some watercolor paper and paints (you can get both at Michaels) but everything is very budget friendly.

Carlee, age 11

Meg's classes are set up through Google Classroom so they are safe for kids to use independently. They are password sensitive, ad free and very easy to navigate. 

Caden, age 5

Although our family's focus is homeschooling, really anyone who wants to learn art can sign up for these classes. Kids in traditional school settings can easily fit  one class per week into their schedule and the best part is, we can all do it on our own time and schedule. Adults who want to learn a new skill shouldn't hesitate to give this a try also. 

Carlee, age 11

If you want to try before you buy, be sure to sign up here for a FREE online art class! A full line up of classes are available here. The classes are self-paced and have not started yet so there's still time to sign up! If you have any questions, Meg would be happy to help and you can call or text her at 517.672.6102 or email her at 

You can find Megapixels on any of these social media channels:


Don't forget to read up on Meg's own personal art journey. I think you'll find it inspiring!

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