Online Creative Writing Course for Homeschool Students

As promised in my previous post, I want to share about our experience using an online novel creative writing program for our family.

Last school year, our two oldest children had the opportunity to take an online creative writing novel class and it was such an amazing experience for both of them! While the process stretched them, I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. It was such a fun and satisfying experience for them to write and publish their own book. 

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Our children learned perseverance, developed their creative writing skills, and even learned how to publish their book on Amazon! I was pretty much hands off for the entire class other than some proofreading at the end.  

This class was such a rewarding experience for both of them and in the end they had a wonderful keepsake for all of their hard work, not to mention the opportunity to earn a little money on the side by following through and publishing it on Amazon. They could easily take the learning to the next level by learning more about marketing their book. (The books are printed and bound on an as-purchased basis.) 

Details About the Class

The novel writing class requires two semesters. The first semester is spent learning about grammar and writing, coming up with an idea for a novel and starting the rough draft. Students also grade appropriate workbooks from National Novel Writing Month. The second semester focuses on proofreading and editing as necessary and fine tuning the plots with it culminating in lessons focusing on how to publish your book on Amazon. *Please note that while it is a year long class you are free to start in either semester. 

"Invent a spellbinding plot and characters as you write and edit your novel or short stories. Design—and illustrate if you wish—a professional, eye-catching cover. Practice grammar in the context of proofreading your book. At the end of this class, show off physical copies of your very own book!" -Meg Navarro

The teacher, Meg Navarro, was a tremendous help and spent quite a bit of time not only teaching and helping our children but putting great details into the teaching videos to help them develop their writing skills. Honestly, my one "non- writing" child completely blew me away with the content of his book and I realized that while I thought he wasn't a writer, he truly is. This writing class became the springboard for future writing that I have continued to see develop this year. In my opinion, this novel writing class was invaluable in their education.

Meg provides feedback for each student's plot and will even edit up to 1000 words per student. Students are allowed to ask unlimited questions via email or with a free app called Voxer which is just like texting except it’s voice recordings. (It's super easy to use and my kids use it all of the time for their classes because it provides for quick and easy communication between them and their teacher.)

As Meg expands her writing class options, I think it would be wonderful to have our children participate in more and as my younger kids grow, the novel writing class will be such a wonderful experience for them with a treasured keepsake at the end of having their book published and available on Amazon. (Please note, this class is available for grades K-12.)

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Supplies: Not much is needed for this class although I'm sure you'd want to purchase a physical copy of your child's completed novel. However, students will need access to the instructional videos on a computer, iPad, Kindle Fire, or phone. If you do not own of these, you could easily use a computer station at your local public library. Additionally, students have access to free workbooks at their grade level by National Novel Writing Month.

Enroll here for the Online Creative Writing Novel Class. A full line up of classes is available here. The classes are self-paced and are just getting started so there's still time to sign up! If you have any questions, Meg would be happy to help and you can call or text her at 517.672.6102 or email her at Megapixels.art@gmail.com 

I'm so grateful for the opportunities that homeschooling has afforded us. God continues to provide for my children's education and for that I am very grateful.

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