Why Would I Want a Berkey Water Filter for My Showerhead? {Plus 10% off Coupon Code!)

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We have been using a Big Berkey Water Filter for drinking water in our home for the past 2 1/2 years and it is one of the things in our home that I'm most thankful for. It removes 100% of hundreds of contaminants such as bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs and more from our drinking water. The filters last for years and over time will be cheaper per gallon of filtered water than our Brita was.

But it was only recently that I learned that Big Berkey Water Filters makes filters for showerheads. Now, before you start wondering why on earth I'd care about a filter for my showerhead, let me give you a few bits of information about your shower water. I actually happened to come across these bits of information in my own personal reading and the timing was perfect since I knew I had this review coming due.

"When you take a steaming hot shower, your skin absorbs the equivalent of six to eight glasses of chlorinated water. A shower filter will protect your body from absorbing the chlorine." (The Great Physician's Rx)

Dr. Battar, a highly respected physician says this about shower head filters:

"it's very important...to have a filter on your shower, since the tap water in many areas may contain substances you don't want in your body such as chlorine and fluoride and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and even arsenic. These and other substances can directly move into your body through the skin and into your internal environment. This is also why certain therapueutic agents are best applied topically via the skin." (The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away)
Our skin is our largest organ and when the pores are opened due to the heat of a shower or bath our body more readily absorbs whatever is in the water. It just makes sense to have a filter on your showerhead doesn't it?

The filter is easy to install and, as you can see from the picture above, fits between the water pipe and the shower head. I hope that Big Berkey comes out with a filter for bathtubs some day because it's so important that kids not sit in unfiltered bath water absorbing all of those chemicals into their immature systmes. In the mean time, what we do, is start the shower running while getting a child ready for bath time and by the time we're ready to go, there's enough filtered water in the tub for them to bathe in.

Have you ever considered a filter for your showerhead? Would you do so now?

You can order one here

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Unknown said...

Hey, this is great! I didn't know you used a Berkey too :) We looove ours! And yes to the showerheads!

becky@purposefulhomemaking.com said...

I'm glad you have one, too! :) Do you have the shower head filter already?

Richard C. Lambert said...
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Gofran said...

Actually, I also do a berkey in my shower head. It works great. Recently I do a berkery in my shower head. Thanks for sharing.

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