Grub Market Review--What Is It? PLUS a Giveaway!

Have you heard of GrubMarket? I hadn't until I was asked to do a review of their company and basically, it's a way for busy people like you and me to have fresh, wholesome food at wholesale prices delivered right to our front door. Grub Market advertises their products at 20-50% off and for orders $49+ you get free delivery.

GrubMarket's mission is to get organic food in the hands (or belly's) of as many people as possible but for a price they can afford and a convenience they can't beat.

Here's How It Works

Orders are shipped weekly to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. Simply choose what you want in your box and it will be shipped right to your front door. I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting a box of fresh, organic food shipped right to my house. Our kids love it too because it's a present for them as well. :)

It's so important for us to have fresh produce every single day but we all know that to make that happen we need to run to the store at least once a week and that can be really difficult sometimes. GrubMarket does the work for you.

Not only do they offer fresh fruits and vegetables, there are plenty of other organic or natural products to choose from such as teas, flours, nut butters and more. I love that each item is clearly labeled so you know whether or not it is gluten free, organic, pesticide free, non-gmo and whatever else may apply to the item in question.

Here's what the first layer of our order looked like. Much care was put into the packing! Although I will admit, our order did have 3 pieces of fruit that were bruised. I don't know how that could have happened with careful packing, but unfortunately, it did. If that happens to you though I know customer service would be happy to take care of your order.

Get an extra 20% OFF your first order! Code: GRUB20

If it's hard for you to get your fresh fruits and vegetables then you might want to check out GrubMarket!

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